Our Adelaide team with the Exion device that has changed the face of our skin tightening Exion treatments

Our Adelaide clients reach their skin and body goals using the new advanced Exion technology

Pulse Body Rejuvenation now offers our amazing Adelaide clients even more effective skin and body solutions with the addition of the brand new Exion treatments.

These non-invasive and minimally invasive (RF Needling) treatments target various skin and body concerns, including:

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening
  • Scarring
  • Collagen and Elastin
  • Sun Damage
  • Fat Reduction

The Exion treatment is the first procedure clinically proven to boost hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for naturally reducing wrinkles. This advanced technology can be used on most areas, including your face, stomach, arms and legs, to rejuvenate your skin, and promote new collagen and elastin production. Exion treatments are available for all skin types, body shapes and sizes and will help enhance your skin texture, tone and overall appearance. 

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Exion treatments are effective skin and body solutions that'll leave our Adelaide clients confidently rejuvenated

If you’re looking for skin results that go beyond your typical salon service in Adelaide, our Exion treatments are for you! This innovative technology can target specific areas and even help reduce unwanted fat and tighten the skin in the most stubborn places. It’s a breakthrough technology for microneedling, utilising a 4mm needle (instead of a traditional 8mm needle) and extended RF energy to achieve deeper penetration for maximum results with less discomfort.

Our Exion treatments are safe and effective for most skin types whilst remaining cost-effective and less invasive than surgical procedures, making it an accessible treatment for most Adelaide residents. Each Exion treatment plan is customised to address your skin goals, and our team will ensure the best possible results for you by building a tailored program based on your specific concerns and goals.

With no downtime and clinically proven long-lasting results, Exion treatments will have you feeling confident in your own skin. Contact us today to arrange a consult. 

The EXION equipment that helps our Adelaide clients say goodbye to saggy skin

We deliver transformative results that leave our Adelaide clients feeling confident and empowered

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin and/or body in Adelaide, book your Exion consultation at Pulse Body Rejuvenation today. Our team of experts are extensively trained and certified to deliver Exion treatment plans tailored to your personal goals. Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone your skin or even address scaring, hard to shift fat or stretchmarks affecting your confidence, Exion treatments are your  solution!

Embark on your skin and body improvement journey with Exion treatments at Pulse Body Rejuvenation Adelaide. Book your consultation for your personalised skin plan today.

Real Patient Results

How Exion works

Extended Mode

The Exion device offers the choice to turn on or off the “extended mode” of energy based on the assessed area, suitability, and desired treatment outcome. The extended mode is recommended for areas where deep energy penetration is required, but needle insertion does not need to be as deep. It provides a comfortable treatment experience while still achieving maximum results, resulting in more gain and less pain.

Body Applicator

The Exion body applicator features “cool tip” technology that captures heat at the skin’s surface to promote skin tightening and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It also sends heat deeper into layers of fat to encourage programmed cell death, thereby reducing fat. The cool tip allows treatments to be tailored to your goals and ensures a comfortable experience that some have compared to a hot stone massage.

RF and Targeted Ultrasound

Exions Simultaneous Mono Polar Radio Frequency and Targeted Ultrasound deliver two treatments in one session. This innovative device combines the gold standard in skin tightening with targeted ultrasound technology for improved collagen, elastin, and skin tone. The targeted ultrasound also allows us to target the area that produces natural HA (Hyaluronic Acid) for tighter, younger-looking skin. Clinical studies show impressive results in just one session.


Exion is the latest technology in a medical aesthetic device that can do RF (radio frequency) needling and simultaneous RF and targeted ultrasound to treat an incredible 23 areas of the face and body – from bingo wings to love handles to crow’s feet and even your hands. Exion RF Needling can also treat many areas, both face and body.

Exion RF and targeted ultrasound feels like a hot stone massage, so there is no pain, and the RF needling feels like a slightly zingy dermabrasion. Everyone feels things differently, but it is not “painful”. We have numbing cream available for those more sensitive, but no one has asked for it so far.

Exion sessions take 10-30 mins per area, so they easily fit into busy schedules.

RF (radio frequency) needling is the most effective and minimally invasive way to improve signs of aging, scarring, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone and texture, and overall skin appearance. The new Exion technology makes it a much more comfortable treatment which is very different to any other needling treatment.

Exions monopolar RF and targeted ultrasound is the latest clinic-only treatment for rejuvenating skin, reducing wrinkles, improving tone and texture, remodelling collagen, repairing elastin, and boosting your natural hyaluronic acid production.

Exions targeted ultrasound and monopolar RF (radio frequency) are the gold standard for reducing stubborn fat, tightening skin and evening skin tone and texture.

Exion RF and targeted ultrasound treatments have no recovery or downtime and are a non-invasive, its a very comfortable treatment. You may be a little red for a few hours as we are working with heat, but nothing that’ll stop you from going about business as usual.

Exion RF needling has no real downtime either, depending on how your skin responds and heals. We see most people resuming their daily activities directly after and almost completely healed from 2-5 days up to a couple of weeks. However, healing and results will vary from person to person, so always follow the aftercare instructions for the best recovery and results.

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