Adelaide skin tightening treatments with RF and targeted ultrasound performed by Pulse Body

Our skin tightening treatments have the people of Adelaide saying hello to younger-looking skin!

Younger-looking skin is within your reach with our Exion treatment.

If you’re in Adelaide and the signs of ageing are getting you down, it’s time to try our Exion skin tightening treatments! With age comes a decrease in collagen, leading to tired and dull-looking skin that can cause a saggy appearance. Our skin tightening treatments work to stimulate collagen and boost hyaluronic acid formation, slowing down the signs of ageing and leaving you with brighter, younger-looking skin.

Pulse Body Rejuvenation are the Exion treatment experts that you can trust to help you deliver the skin of your dreams. Exion treatments are available to most people for body areas causing concern or even used as a preventative treatment. Our supportive team will consult with you to assess the area to be treated and recommend the best treatment plan to achieve your skin goals.

Don’t let tired-looking skin get you down. Contact us to arrange your skin tightening consult today.

Adelaide skin tightening that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

If you’re in Adelaide and saggy skin is bothering you, consider Exion skin tightening treatments at Pulse Body Rejuvenation. Exion is an innovative technology that offers skin tightening even in the most stubborn and sensitive places. It combines monopolar radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound to treat an incredible 23 areas of the face and body to boost your hyaluronic acid and collagen, enhancing skin texture and tone.

Our treatments can help you achieve the more radiant, tighter and younger-looking complexion you’ve been striving for. Whether you’re fighting the signs of ageing or want firmer-looking skin after weight loss, our range of Exion treatments will help you achieve your skin goals. So, say goodbye to those expensive creams and painful surgeries because this treatment will help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Feel comfortable in your skin with our unique skin tightening treatments! Contact us today to discuss the best treatment for your journey to amazing skin.

Skin tightening treatment performed in Adelaide by Pulse Body Rejuvenation

Our revolutionary skin tightening has Adelaide customers saying goodbye to saggy skin

If you’re in Adelaide and considering painful skin tightening surgery to abolish excess skin, try our Exion treatments first! The Exion treatments are available for most skin types and offer NO downtime for clinically proven, long-lasting results. This allows you to see the desired results without stopping doing the things you love while recovering. Whether you’re looking to improve your skin appearance for your face or body, our supportive team take the time to consult with you. We focus on understanding your skin concerns to develop a personalised treatment plan to achieve your skin goals.

At Pulse Body Rejuvenation, you can sit back, relax and let our Exion skin tightening do the hard work! Contact our supportive team today to book a consult.

Real skin tightening patients

Patients before and after our Exion treatments

Exion Treatment Results

Real patients, real results for an Adelaide client after our scar treatments
Before and after of an Adelaide customers arms after using our skin tightening treatments
See the before and after results of skin tightening treatments for an Adelaide residents thighs

Adelaide skin tightening FAQs

Exion is the latest technology medical aesthetic device that can do RF (radio frequency) needling and targeted ultrasound/radio frequency to treat an incredible 23 areas of the face and body.

Exion sessions take 10-30 mins per area, so they easily fit into busy schedules.

Exion RF and targeted ultrasound feel like a hot stone massage, so there is no pain, and the RF needling feels slightly like a zingy dermabrasion. Everyone feels things differently, but it is not “painful”. We have numbing cream available for those more sensitive, but no one has asked for it so far.

Exions targeted ultrasound and monopolar RF (radio frequency) are the gold standard for reducing stubborn fat, tightening skin and evening skin tone and texture.

Exion RF and targeted ultrasound have no recovery or downtime and are a non-invasive, very comfortable treatment. You may be a little red for a few hours as we are working with heat, but nothing that’ll stop you from going about business as usual.

Exion RF needling has minimal downtime, depending on how your skin responds and heals. We see people almost completely healed from 2-5 days up to a couple of weeks. However, healing and results will vary from person to person, so always follow the aftercare instructions for the best recovery and results.

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